work in transition

Over the past year I’ve found myself working more with graphite on paper and less with oil paint.  This shift began as a response to practical concerns.  My studio is sort of a three-season room and quite cold in the winter.  Even though a space heater warms up the room quickly, it’s not my favorite place to be in the winter.  So one day last winter I pinned a large sheet of paper up on a wall in our living room (which has lovely, radiant wood stove heat) and began to draw.

This initiated a series of works that require a slow, meticulous process with lots of tiny marks, quite the opposite of my usual active painting style.  I’ve dedicated this coming summer to continuing the series. So far, paint has entered only in the smallest of ways but I think that might change. Just seeing the two images at the top of this post juxtaposed next to one another has some ideas percolating.

It’s about the process right now and I’m curious to see how the work evolves.

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