Shan Bryan-Hanson


Artist's Statement

I’m drawn to the objectness of painting; the boundaries of a frame, the tactile messiness and possibilities of oil paint.  The departure point for a new painting lies in the piece that came before it and/or an experience in the outdoors. Fragments of tree bark, moss, decaying leaves and other detritus from the forest floor, lakeshore or my backyard are carried to my studio and become an indirect, yet primary influence, on the paintings.  Notions of impermanence, ephemerality and transience are embedded in both process and subject. 


Shan Bryan-Hanson is an artist and curator of the galleries at St. Norbert College, where she also teaches painting. Her paintings have been funded by the Percent for Art Program of the State of Montana, Direct Purchase Program of the Wisconsin Arts Board and the Peninsula Arts Association.  Her curatorial and museum work has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Creation and Presentation Program of the Wisconsin Arts Board and the American Alliance of Museums.

Her art is in both private and public collections and has been exhibited in regional and national exhibitions.  She has written essays for artists' catalogues and curated exhibitions featuring the work of Henry Moore and Howard Pyle.